I've always thought there should be some sort of official recognition for players like Olerud, who were very good, borderline HOF or better, who *didn't* get the recognition they may have deserved. Olerud stands out to me because he was a solid hand in the field, a good bat, but mostly because of the "feel good story" of his medical condition that lead to him wearing a bump cap in the field during his career. That, plus being in a Canadian baseball market, I think works against him. Especially when you compare it to Keith Hernandez, who was one of the "characters" of the mid-80's Mets teams. Would Hernandez have the kind of intangible off-field fame that makes him a stronger candidate to some if he had played his entire career in St. Louis and was never on Seinfeld?

I think it's important to recognize players who didn't get their due during their career. Some guys have incredible careers, but because their team is trash, or they play in a bad media market, or whatever external forces prevent them from having the fame they may deserve I don't think should hinder their chances of getting into the HOF.

You make a strong case against Olerud's induction, but that case, I don't think, is made any stronger because he wasn't an overwhelmingly popular player during his day. Olerud, to me, is in that group of players with guys like Harold Baines, Don Mattingly & Dale Murphy. Guys that fans of a certain age remember as having had really good careers, and guys that we maybe even rooted for a HOF induction, but ultimately, guys that should be gatekept out because they're squarely "Hall of Really, Really, Really Good".

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