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The problem with sports radio, when it became a major force on the airwaves in the 80s, is that it democratized sports opinions. But it did not democratize sports intellect. There's a reason that guys that call in to local sports talk didn't get columns in the local paper back then. And I think - and I know it's not a super hot take - that problem has been magnified exponentially because of the internet. Everybody can publish to Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, but they don't have to read anybody else's writings. And without access, their opinion is baseless, which means it should be meaningless. But we're not looking at authority, we're looking at following. Opinions are a popularity contest, and that is a huge problem. Especially when people aren't giving authentic opinions, just for the clout.

Goddamn, I wish we taught information literacy in our public schools....

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I’m loving this “educating twitter” series you’ve got going. Please continue your good work. There’s obviously an endless supply of material at your disposal my friend 🙂👍⚾️

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