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When I'm not rooting for the Royals, I'm rooting for the Mets. That's the team I grew up with. We went to Citi Field on a hot August night in 2017 and saw the Mets get overwhelmed by the Dodgers.

The most fun thing was on the train going toward the stadium, the #7. Used to take you right to Shea Stadium... oh well, but there were all these California people who used to live in NYC who came to root for the Dodgers and they talked about Ebbets Field like they'd been there...They all looked younger than me (and I was born the year after the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yankees in the World Series, and I never got to see a game at Ebbets Field!) except for a few people who might have been in their 70s.

It was fun to see everything in the ballpark. Going to the team store for souvenirs...I did not wear any Royals apparel...2015 was not that long ago. I loved both teams...anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! We also left before the game ended, taking a train back to Manhattan that was crowded with baseball fans.

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